Rod Melancon: LA 14

With a new album slated for next year, LA 14 is just a sample of what’s to come from Americana’s up and coming star Rod Melancon.

Originally from the southern most parts of Louisiana, you can hear that region’s influence on this artist through and through and it’s a wonder that he made his way from one LA to Southern California’s LA. Here you don’t hear a lot of what Rod is working with and that may make him stand out even more when stacked up against the rappers and rockers that flood the streets of Los Angeles. That’s not to say he’s full on Americana with nothing else to show as LA 14 showcases some other elements as well.

Sounding like something The Wallflowers would’ve put out ahead of their “One Headlight” smash hit, “Perry” comes through with a strong rock sense but also allows for his folk like vocals to not be lost between the cracks. We’ll talk about the more emotional tracks in a second, but first “A Man Like Me Shouldn’t Own A Gun.” Kudos to Rod for this one. This isn’t something likely heard in this genre. It’s about knowing you couldn’t handle the responsibility of a firearm and while it’s quite entertaining as a track, the social consciousness should be applauded. Now back to the heartfelt tunes. Having an older brother who got himself into trouble in the past, I loved the story that came with “Dwayne And Me,” and a lover of any story that has to do with eternal romance, “By Her Side” was also a personal favorite. Then there was the odd man out that came with “Light Of Carencro.” While a sad story of losing a loved one, it played more like a dramatic monologue than a song.

An import from one LA to another, Rod Melancon packed his southern roots into his bags and is unleashing them on the world one release at a time. First up is LA 14, out since this spring and next up is a LP coming next year. Fans of Americana infused rock should definitely check out all this small town boy in the big city has going on.

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