“Welcome to the Future” with Sunshine and the Blue Moon

Photo Credit: Laura-Lynn Petrick

It’s hard for me to stay away from Canada. As the election nears and the reality that a guy with NO political experience could be the president of the country I reside in looms…the thought of wandering north calms me. What also calms me are the artists that keep rolling into my inbox from there. This week we have the folk meets psychedelic quintet Sunshine & The Blue Moon. With that, we also have their newest video that sends out a very creepy, childish vibe.

Educational shows for kids are always more strange than cool, especially when you watch them back as adults. Well, I only bring this up because that is what you get when watching “Welcome to the Future.” Sunshine & The Blue Moon’s new video takes that kids’ show idea, tosses in some barn animals and layers it over a song you’d never hear on PBS. It’s an ironic treatment of the track, but it’s memorable to say the least. Definitely a song you’d like if you were more into the eccentric folk.

Right now they’ve got that video on the books, as well as some shows this month in Canada. They’ll be in Quebec on the 18th, and then they’ll spend the 21st and 22nd in Halifax.

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