Red Rosamond Just Doesn’t Give a “Damn”

That’s not entirely true. Red Rosamond does care about her career, and especially about her latest single “Damn.” Soulful pop that would be alongside the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse. Yup, those are the type of pipes this LA artist is working with and she’s worth your time because of that and more.

Red seems to write with her heart sitting outside her chest, sitting on her desk, telling her exactly how it feels about the one emotion we have always placed upon it; love. She noted about her latest, “‘Damn’ is about the power play between two people. The magnetism, the seduction…It’s about desire and heartbreak, about someone who has a hold on you.” You can surely hear all of that and more with each breath she takes as it releases another noteworthy melody. This likely came from growing up appreciating grand vocals like Aretha Franklin, as well as the powerhouse of emotions Tina Turner.

Awhile ago I read Adele was going to go on a bit of a break. I’d be worried if we didn’t have talents such as Red Rosamond to step up because believe it or not – there are other people who possess that power. Make sure to check out this LA singer’s latest, “Damn,” out now.

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