Neighborhood Mixtape: Koreatown

One of the most vibrant parts of the LA area, Koreatown is where you want to go if you’re new to this place. Hell, it’s where you want to go if you’ve been here 20 years. Stretching from Western to Vermont, there is a lot going on there from karaoke bars to venues like The Wiltern and of course a scene all its own. So this week we have a mixtape all about the happenings of Koreatown. Showcasing their music scene, we have Alessia Cara who’ll be playing The Wiltern next week, a K-Pop artist, local artist in Z. Woods, the nightlife with a song that always kills it at karaoke and sweet spot that everyone needs to try out. That one is more a podcast like entry instead of a song to sing along to.

Alessia Cara “Here”

BigBang “Loser

Z. Woods “You”

Kelly Clarkson “Since U Been Gone”

California Donuts Shout Out

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