New Horizons for Blimes Brixton

Up and Coming Blimes Brixton

Working with creative people is never not euphoric. I’ve dabbled with actors and they’re okay, comedians are a little bit of a pain but musicians are almost always a pleasure. The only good thing that came out of a horrific job in 2014 was getting to know a lot more about the local hip hop scene. It’s one I’d never explored on my own, but I was surprised to hear about all the rising stars in the game – most of them women. The likes of Reverie, Gavlyn and today’s spotlight – Oh Blimey. She’s since gone through an evolution of sorts and is now going by Blimes Brixton. Name change aside, she’s still packing a big case of talent around.

When we first met she had this hip hop swagger to her, but in a year’s time she’s really focused in on her pipes and has just released “Petaluma.” An R&B single through and through that takes a piece of the past and giving it a modern feel. It’s like if you took a classic from Monica due to the sultry delivery, but then breathed new life into it because it has a 2015 feel to it. I’m glad to be able to say I knew her when and can’t wait to see where this San Francisco native goes next with her career. She and the aforementioned Gavlyn (who is also very much worth checking out) just started their own label earlier this month called Peach House Records, so there’s no telling what’s to come for Blimes Brixton, but if talent is any indication – it’s to the top.

Blimes Brixton is Coming Up

Check out Blimes Brixton’s “Petaluma” below:

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