Valley Shine: “Sugar Dream”

Photo Credit: Wes Marsala Marsala Photography
Photo Credit: Wes Marsala Marsala Photography

Putting “Sugar Dream” into a search engine almost led me to a weird place on the internet. The world of My Little Pony seems sweet but then you get into the whole Bronie thing and it takes an odd turn. Thankfully, I added Valley Shine to the mix and escaped a chat room where men are discussing the eloquence of Rainbow Dash, and instead found my way to one of the most infectious songs I’ve heard in awhile.

Splitting time between the smog of Los Angeles and the Disneyland traffic of Orange County, Valley Shine found the balance between folk and pop and have created a sound that even if you’re not a fan of either genres, you can’t help but smile at when you hear “Sugar Dream.” A song that sounds as cute as could be is actually one of those, “what if” tracks recounting a love lost, but not forgotten. The hook being, “…don’t matter what we do, I’ll still be in love with you” remains behind long after the song has come to an end – and when you go back for more and they ask, “Do you miss me?” all you can do is nod and sing along.

Valley Shine’s “Sugar Dream” is out now, and stay tuned to them because they’re playing here and there in Southern California all the time – you just have to keep your eyes wide to catch them.

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