Michael Colton’s Romantic, Blue Heart

Last week we introduced you to Michael Colton and his romantic “Won’t Fall Away” and this week we’re talking to him about where he finds the inspiration to pen songs as sweet as that. Before we get to that and his bucket list items, we also want to let you know that Michael will be playing on the 13th at 7:30pm on Genghis Cohen right down on Fairfax. Word on the street straight from the man’s mouth is that, “The person that comes to the show and brings five friends gets to have dinner with me, paid by me after the show.” So grab some friends and head on down, but before that – check out the following exchange of words.

Kendra: We featured “Won’t Fall Away” recently and boy, who taught you to write that romantic?

Michael Colton: My wife. I think that writing is a mixture of inspiration and perspiration. My inspiration was that I wanted to write a song about my relationship with my wife but I didn’t have a way into the song it was just an idea. Then my son said the line “Mama, my love will never fall away from you” and then the song pretty much wrote itself. I think I wrote all the words in about half an hour. I also have 2 extra verses that I had to cut out of the song simply because the song was running long.

Kendra: Say you were approached to have that song featured in a movie, something like The Notebook, who would you hope were the stars?

Michael: Anna Kendrick and Liam Hemsworth

Kendra: Why California Blue? Blue usually sends out this serene or even melancholy vibe, and most thing of California – especially LA – as this vibrant hub.

Michael: I thought California Blue really described me. Or at least the extremes in my nature. Also, it sounds cool.

Kendra: Now, you don’t hear of too many country guys coming up in LA. Did you think being away from Nashville would make you stand out more?

Michael: I wish I was that thoughtful about it. I just like Los Angeles. I could see a move at some point but right now I want to see if I can make LA work.

Kendra: You’ve played everywhere from SXSW to Sundance. What’s next on the old Bucket List?

Michael: Bucket list is…I really want to go on a festival tour. Gary Clark Jr. played a ton of festivals in 2012. I would like to find out exactly how many and then play that many plus one.

Kendra: Have you met any fellow musicians out in LA that you feel deserve a shout out right now? Let our readers know who’s worth checking out.

Michael: Josh Smith, Josh Smith AND Josh Smith!!!! Did I mention Josh Smith. This guy is so good I think he might be an alien.

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