Liz Loughrey Rises Up Musically and for a Great Cause

One of the most notable things an artist can do is not only make music, but make music that can cause some great in this world.

Liz Loughrey has done just that. Her single, “Rise Up!” inspired her to start the #RiseUpMovement. She shared about not only that, her old soul and more in this new interview that has us feeling inspired to do more good for the world!

Kendra: Have you always had this so called “old soul?”

Liz Loughrey: I guess I’ve always been the way I am. My mom can’t stand it, she’s more youthful than I am!

Kendra: Growing up, were you always into artists like Etta James and Sade or did you go through a typical pop obsessed phase at one point?

Liz: I had a Britney Spears look alike at my 8th birthday party and I dressed up as Sporty Spice for Halloween that year. Those were the good days!

Kendra: I thought of that because “Rise Up” is the name of a Backstreet Boys song (a phase I am still in!), and for some time wanted that phrase tattooed. Do you have any music based ink?

Liz: A Rise Up tattoo?! I’ll get one if you do! No music ink, but I did get my first tattoo six months ago.

Kendra: Let’ talk more about that single, “Rise Up.” You worked on it with some pretty impressive people who’ve been in the studio with the likes of The Weeknd and Drake. Did Adrian X and Supa Dups intimidate you at all?

Liz: I’m not easily intimidated. Adrian and Dups are amazingly talented people, and we all bring something different and special to the project.

Kendra: How’d “Rise Up” even come to mind? Was there one incident that made you say, “Okay world, enough. It’s time to change some things?”

Liz: To be honest I didn’t write “Rise Up!” to be an activist or make a political statement, but once I realized the impact of the lyrics I had written, I knew I had to find a way to encourage others to live out this message. That’s where the #RiseUpMovement came from.

Kendra: You aren’t just singing this track, you’re living it. How’s the Rise Up Movement in schools going?

Liz: The “Rise Up!” Workshops have been the most fulfilling thing I’ve done in my career so far! It’s amazing to see these kids in middle school affirming their own strengths, and exploring the ways they can give back. I’m grateful that I get to connect with these kids! Hearing them say that they relate to my story personally and seeing their excitement about doing what they can to impact their community, that’s the best.

Kendra: Back to the music for a second, this is the debut single from an upcoming album. When can we expect that to drop and can we expect more of that positive vibe?

Liz: Love and positivity are always the common denominator. Expect more soul pleasing sounds on my EP in 2017!

Kendra: You seem to have a lot on your plate right now, but what’s up with you for the rest of the year?

Liz: I’m currently writing music in LA, I’ll be back here a few times playing some shows. The ‘Rise Up! Workshops’ will take me to schools across the country before the year is through. After that we’re gearing up towards putting out some more music in the new year!

Kendra: Now who do you think is an up and coming artist that is on the rise up that our readers should go ahead and check out?

Liz: Shout out to my main music collaborator Adrian X! His instrumental record Soulgazer is truly a listening experience. Check it out!

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