An Interview with Madeline Spooner – Avant-Pop Artist, Musician, Evolved Soul

Madeline Spooner
"I believe that my songs come from a very psychic place and I try to get out of my own way to let the purity come through. I hope my artistry connects people to a deep part in themselves because that is what I am bringing to the table every time I write and perform."  Madeline Spooner


Genre: Electronic-Pop

Hometown: Los Angeles

Some artist create with things, objects, or brushes and paints, others create with mediums that defy the elements or conventional materials. Evolved artists paint with music and song.

Madeline Spooner is an Avant-Pop artist based out of Los Angeles whose art and music has a spacious yet rich, cinematic quality. When you hear her, you might drift into a different state that gives her passage into your soul.

There is something very spiritual about Madeline’s music.  Not the religious kind that requires you to sit or stand reverently listening out of obligation but the kind that allows you to sit back and drift away into a trance. A peaceful and tranquil state that vibrates and moves you to a place where colors manifest into abstract hues and mind expanding tones.

Madeline’s latest EP, NAUTILUS, is an amalgam of programmed drum beats, spell-binding vocals and poignant lyrical content. She draws her inspiration from the pop sensibilities of artists like Pink Floyd and The Doors and the esoteric tendencies of Coco Rosie and Kate Bush.  Madeline is a two-time award winner of the American Songwriting Awards, contest (2014/15).

When I sat down to draft up a few questions for Madeline to share in this interview I closed my eyes and listened to her latest track Had to Let it Go and others. This is what evolved.

So when did you start making music?

I wrote my first song at age 15 and recorded my first 8 song album “River Suite” within that year. I’m still proud of those songs.

Are you a “self-taught” musician?

In some ways yes and in some ways no. Most of what I do comes from my own self teaching but I am always learning from other artists and teachers as I go along.

Do you recall the first song/s you learned to play?

It was “Who Will Save Your Soul” by Jewel. I always appreciated her thoughtful and poetic lyrics. After that I really didn’t learn many more covers because I was too eager to start writing my own songs.

Did you feel “madeline-spooner-7Folk” music was holding you back, creatively?

I sure did. I never liked to be placed in that genre and I always knew there was more to my art than that. That’s part of why I don’t write songs on a guitar anymore.

As an artist, how has your music evolved?

I have a better self-awareness of the overall arc and message of a composition.  In my earlier work I was writing terms that only I could understand but I want people to connect to my music in a new and authentic way.

If you were to describe your music in terms of colors what “color” were you earlier in your career?  Now?

I like that question a lot because I have synesthesia. My early songs were yellow, orange and pink and now they are a deep blue-magenta.

So do you create to fit a mold or certain genre or does it come out and manifest on its own – magically perhaps?

I never create to fit a mold per-se but I do like to know the rules and recognize the patterns. Through that awareness I like to be progressive and transform what I already know into something completely new to me.

There is deep meaning behind your decision to use “Nautilus” for your latest EP. How did you come to use it and how does it relate to your life? madeline-spooner-6

The name came as a psychic flash and I didn’t second guess it. I make a lot of decisions in my life from that same place.

Would you say you are a “Young Nautilus” or an “Old Nautilus as in an “Old Soul”

I feel like an old soul for sure.

If old souls come to teach us younger souls, what lessons can your music teach us or show us?

It feels presumptuous to say that I am an older soul who knows better than others but I believe that my songs come from a very psychic place and I try to get out of my own way to let the purity come through. I hope my artistry connects people to a deep part in themselves because that is what I am bringing to the table every time I write and perform.

Is there “Hope” for us?

Artists have been wrongfully placed on the totem pole of importance as merely entertainer and the messages get overlooked. We need to start listening to the artists again and appreciating artists who aren’t merely there “for show” but also “for tell”.

What’s in store for Madeline – how will we see her emerge musically and spiritually?

My main goal is to keep seeking truth and keep refining my craft, both spiritually and personally. I will never let myself plateau as an artist or cater to others unless it resonates with my expansion. I’m excited to see where it takes me!

What’s on your performance calendar – when and where can we see you?

I’ll be at The Satellite on Silverlake Blvd. this Wednesday, Oct. 12th at 9PM and I have another show coming up at the Satellite some time in November. You can follow me @madelinespooner on any/all of the social media platforms or to stay informed on where I will be next!


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