“Please Don’t” Pass Up London’s Louise Golbey

If I could sit and praise the greatness of the music that came out of the ’90s for days, you’d find me with a smile plastered on my face every minute spent jotting those words down. Since I cannot, what I can do is talk about an artist who grew up inspired by the R&B coming out at that time. Back in the day Louise Golbey loved and still loves the sounds of En Vogue and that’s where her attraction to American R&B began. With that, she realized her own skills and started to find her voice. Today she’s as sultry as can be as she delivers a taste of the old with a whole lot of the new, combining the soul of yesterday with the beats of today in her music – especially on her upcoming single, “Please Don’t.”

Kicking. That’s the best way to describe “Please Don’t.” Louise’s voice is what catches you first, but it’s carried quite nicely by a beat that does not quit the whole way through. Honestly, I think that’s what takes this from then and brings it into the now when you break down the era of R&B it belongs to. Back in the day that genre was all about the voice. Classics from Boyz II Men and Mariah in the early ’90s were all about those natural gifts. Today though, thanks to the advances in technology, artists like Louise can play around with more intricate pieces that allow their music to be a little more modern.

If you’re in the London area, make sure to check her out at Time Out’s Rising Stars event on October 25. Also make note that you can get her latest single, “Please Don’t,” on November 7.

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