Max Fite: Shake It On Down

Listening to music used to be a communal thing for me. It meant concerts and late nights in college. Now it’s more of a personal vacation away from the world on a weekly basis. With an iPod that refuses to charge, I rarely get to listen to my favorite artists. So instead, I’m always on to something new. This week alone I’ll have a handful of artists enter my space, and Max Fite is just one of them. A rock band from Los Angeles that made me sit and wonder about their take on the genre more and more with each listen to their latest release, Shake It On Down, I felt they straddled other genres better at times.

Right away there was a disconnect between the music and the vocals for me. Yes, I could see a band like this opening up for Gaslight Anthem, but unlike that band – Mike Fite doesn’t have that power in the vocals. That depth. Instead the music is what stands out in songs like single, “Devil In Me” and the title track. Those are solid rock tracks on a musical level through and through, while “Court Jester” sat more on a ‘90s alternative side of things. What I did love though was the change of pace with the last track, “Time To Heal.” Stripped down, here is where I felt leading man Max Fitelson really found his shining moment. The singer-songwriter vibe from this song was strong and showed a whole new side the band that I really wanted more of.

Always listening to something new every other day, I’ve come across a lot of new music in the past few years and the latest to add to the list is LA’s own Max Fite. They’re a rock band that definitely sounds like one musically, but on their release Shake It On Down I feel like the vocals could be better fit for another genre, which their closing track showcases proof of. If you’re a fan of artists like Queens Of The Stone Age or then we recommend you check this one and album out.

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