Seeing Green with The Maxies

Photo Credit: Jonathan Thorpe

Known for their less than nice onstage presence, the men of The Maxies have built quite the reputation for themselves over the years – 10 to be exact. A whole decade of this Inland Empire band giving fans an off the cuff sense of humor as they go on with their tale that they hail from a far off land like Greenland. All in good fun, it was quite the interesting exchange between us and their own, vocalist, Maximum Maxie.

Kendra: Did the whole from Greenland thing start when you guys got together back in the day?

Maximum Maxie: It started when we were born in Greenland.

Kendra: Speaking of, you guys have been together for a decade now. Did you all do anything special to celebrate the anniversary?

Maximum Maxie: We flew home to Nuuk, Greenland and did a traditional clubbing together. Many gathered, we all sang “Goin’ Clubbin’” – it’s the unofficial song of our country.

Kendra: You guys did put out a new record. When Nuuk ‘Em All was all said and done, how do you feel it compared to the first record you guys dropped?

Maximum Maxie: Well, it’s better. We get better with everything we do.

Kendra: On top of that you headed out with Reel Big Fish. It wasn’t your first time out with them. Do you find when you head out with bands you’re familiar with, it’s more like a family trip instead of a tour?

Maximum Maxie: Yes, i feel like it’s a family vacation with way more beed involved, a lot more cussing and a creepy drunk uncle named All the Way Jay.

Kendra: What’s up next for you guys come 2017?

Maximum Maxie: I’m hoping that this global warming issue comes to an end in 2017. I have some property in Greenland, and I believe as most places flood, Greenland will rise to the top and be the most sought after holiday destination in the world.

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