The Regrettes Keep Rock Alive and Well in LA

Known for their outspoken ways and melodic delivery, the four individuals who make up The Regrettes come together to ensure that the rock scene in LA is always on point, and soon enough they will be on the road for a little under a week with Sleigh Bells in mid-November. First though, get to know more about them via their own  Lydia Night as she reveals past phases, what’s to come and more.

Kendra: How vibrant would you say the LA punk scene is right now?

Lydia Night: I don’t know because I don’t consider us a punk band really, however I will say that the LA rock scene (including punk and everything in between), is thriving heavily.

Kendra: Would you rather have come up in say Seattle or New York’s for any reason in particular?

Lydia: Nope! I love LA too much!

Kendra: In the past you’ve opened for Jack Off Jill. Having had a nice gothic friend back in middle school, I am very familiar with them. With that, did you go through any of those “phases” growing up?

Lydia: I really loved Hannah Montana with a passion for a large period of my childhood. That’s the only major thing that comes to mind.


Kendra: Next up you’ll be touring with Sleigh Bells in November. What can west coasters expect from those string of shows?

Lydia: I think that anyone who is coming is certainly in for a treat. We have lots of fun things in store;)

Kendra: Because right now you got a ton of demos roaming around online. When are you going to drop an EP or LP?

Lydia: 2017!!!

Kendra: You all did just debut “Hot” on Brooklyn Vegan though. Drawing comparisons to The Distillers – were they a major influence on any of you?

Lydia: I sadly actually hadn’t heard of The Distillers until quite recently so they weren’t an influence but sure as hell will be on the next record.

Kendra: Are there any artists you looked up to performance wise? I know the bassist of LA’s Acidic was inspired by RHCP’s Flea. Anyone like that for you in terms of how you take on the stage?

Lydia: Kate Nash is a huge one for me. Watching her perform gives me the chills and makes me feel so goddamn powerful. Also, Beyonce!

Kendra: After your run with Sleigh Bells, any other touring in the works for the New Year?

Lydia: Nothing confirmed.

Kendra: The punk scene has always been a tight one, with that are there any other local punk bands you feel our readers should check out?

Lydia: Not really sure if this counts as punk but we looove The Frights!

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