Introducing Peter and the Lion – Up and Coming Musicians of the Week

Peter & the Lion

We first met Peter and the Lion at a record release party for another artist

We were so impressed with their sound and vibe, we went out of our way to track them down and learn more about them.

Starring Pete Roth, Haider Ali and Anna Love, and co-starring Marc Encabo, Peter and the Lion play the type of music you might dream to or fall in love with. They offer catchy positive beats and rhythms with harmonized vocals that will give you goose bumps and literally make you want to reach out and give them huge hug.

Our favorite song and the track we wanted to feature here is called “Inside Your View”.

Inside Your View is a song conceptualizing the many facets of love. From the light-hearted beginnings and the feelings of lust, to the hauntingly deeper complexities. The musicality is a mashup of traditional mariachi combined with folk roots.

Listen to the newest version of this beautiful song that should be playing on the radio and music festivals now and for a very long time.

Inside Your View was recorded independently by Peter & the Lion and Jason Gloria


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