Venue Spotlight: The Satellite

Artists like Lady Gaga can fill a stadium, but not too long ago she did a dive bar tour and landed at The Satellite in Silver Lake. Thousands of fans came out to see her and not that many got in because again, this is far from a place like Dodgers Stadium or even the Staples Center. Instead, it’s this little spot with a disco ball that hangs overhead in the main floor area. A guard stands out front insuring those who step inside are of age, and after that you reach a box office where whoever is clocked in always looks ready to help. Personally when I hear Silver Lake or anything in that area, I think of uptight LA people who are too smug – but there’s something chill about The Satellite. It feels like a little community. As an outsider there whenever I go, I do notice the comradery with those who seem to frequent that spot on a weekly basis. Yes, it’s a venue but it also feels like Cheers in a way; everybody knows your name…Their sense of community gives it an edge and that’s why, we’re shouting them out today.

Contact Info:

Address: 1717 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Number: (323) 661-4380
Website: The Satellite


A Favorite Satellite Memory

This isn’t a venue I make it out too often because I am a resident of the valley and when it comes to public transportation, let’s just say LA puts anything outside of Wilshire and the beach on the back burner. So because of location and lack of transportation – I am often left on the outside when it comes to shows at The Satellite and in the decade or so that I’ve been in this area I can say I’ve only been there a couple of times and each are still pretty memorable. The first was because the parking was hard to find, and the second was because it wasn’t too long ago. Because it was like yesterday, let’s just say that’s my favorite.

It was to see Main Man, a band comprised of LA locals and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Yes, the guy from Superbad. He’s a skilled drummer and you should try and keep tabs on what he does on a musical level when you have a chance. They put on a good show, but I am like an alien when it comes to being in a new or even semi-new place. I like to watch people, study their habits and while Main Man played – I watched them, but I also took note of those inhabiting the floor. Some groups danced, one girl blew bubbles the entire time and some just used this as a chance to initiate a hook up situation after the music stopped. I guess that comes with every show you go to anywhere, but again – there was something communal about these people. Like the bubble girl was a regular they just accepted and smiled at, the couple meeting later were old friends, the dancers were once strangers but now best friends brought together by their weekly trips to this venue. All a little extended family in the end.

The Satellite isn’t a place I yearn to go because of distance and a fear of getting stuck somewhere with no way home, but I appreciate it for what it gives to it’s local music fans; a sense of belonging.

Upcoming Shows:

Dance Yourself Clean – Saturdays
11/6 King Washington
11/10 Sean Hayes
11/11 Mercies
11/13 2WetCrew Live!
11/14 King Washington
11/15 The Active Set
11/16 John Meadows
11/17 Klangstof
11/18 Candi Pop Dance Party
11/20 Power Violence
11/21 King Washington
11/27 Neil Hamburger
11/28 King Washington
11/30 6th Annual Los Angeles Air Sex Championships


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