“California Here We Go” with The Garden’s Latest Video

In a time where any sort of paint on your face resembling a clown is not the business, The Garden comes into my line of sight. A band from Orange who appear like some sort of mime troupe, I thought – now they have to sound like ICP, perhaps Slipknot? Instead they really didn’t sound like either when I clicked play and watched the video for their latest single, “California Here We Go.”

Instead of this hardcore hip hop or even more so, a death metal like scare…”California Here We Go” was a light track that had a very ’80s vibe to it. Sounding like a modern day New Wave track attached to men in face paint, it gave off this really interesting juxtaposition in terms of what you were seeing vs. what you were hearing. Which when it boils down, was a nice surprise. Enough of what they look like and more about the track at hand. The band has said this song is about, “Our feelings on living in the state of California. It serves as a relatively open space for creativity and it provides decent opportunity for artists as well. Los Angeles is almost like Las Vegas in the way that it can be the city of lost hopes and dreams if you don’t use your time wisely as an artist.” Preach The Garden, preach. They make a good point. A city like Los Angeles is one built on opportunity, but it’s all about how you utilize it. You can be the most talented person in the City of Angels, but if you just sit around waiting for a chance, it’s never going to happen.

Last week The Garden wrapped up a run on the road that saw them playing a handful of shows in Texas before heading back to California, stopping off in Arizona to play The Rebel Lounge. Next up for them they’ll be alongside the likes of Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper and more at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival at the Memorial Coliseum down in Expo Park on November 13.

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