Rockers, Holy White Hounds Show Coming Up December 6th at LA’s Mayan Theater

If you haven’t already heard, rockers Holy White Hounds are Coming to LA’s Mayan Theatre on December 6th

The guys released their debut album Sparkle Sparkle this past summer via Razor & Tie to rave reviews. The album features the Active Rock Radio hit ‘Switchblade’ which hit the Top 10 on the chart.

Holy White Hounds is an apt name for the quartet’s endearing but feral alt-rock. The moniker also conjures the band’s origins as small town underdogs who are rising to earn national prominence. When pressed on the significance of the handle, lead vocalist and guitarist Brenton Dean states: “We’re dirty but we’re not unclean. We’re mangy, but you’d still let us sleep in your bed.”

For young kids with guitars, prodigious musical gifts, and aspirations of being professional musicians, the distance culturally and opportunity wise between a town like Des Moines, Iowa and New York or Los Angeles can make dreams feels unattainable. But for the proud sons of the Hawkeye State in Holy White Hounds, it’s their dedication to music and the alt-rock quartet’s ultra catchy tuneage that’s bridging the divide. Now, the band announces its debut album, Sparkle Sparkle (Razor & Tie).





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