Lolahiko: The Year We Died But Stayed Alive

It’s hard to meet people in LA. Funny, right? Because we’re overflowing with bodies, but again – it’s hard to find someone. Well, it’s hard to find someone you genuinely want to brave traffic for. Seriously, there have been relationships that have met their end because each person resided on opposite ends of the 405. That wasn’t the case those for Lauren Marie and Ike Kawaguchi. After meeting a year ago and connecting, traffic couldn’t keep them apart and soon enough not only a friendship was formed, but Lolahiko as well. Then after a year of working closely, their debut EP was ready to go. With that, The Year We Died But Stayed Alive dropped last year and delivered a string of realistic reactions to everything from death to a lack of love.

Combining the somber ways of goth and the modern ways of synth, The Year We Died But Stayed Alive actually delivers on the lyrical side of things. Usually it’s hard for get really into what’s been said in this style, but intertwining the emotion that comes with the goth – it’s this melancholy gift of sound. First with the striking “Funeral” with the realist take on the event; “What’s the point of crying?” When a record starts with a song like that, you wonder where it can go from there. From there things continue to stay real as “Filthy Soul” questions affection, and “Guts” says screw that and just focuses on the negative in someone. After that you can hear the gothy moments coming on strong with “Plastic” and “Murderer,” and finally you get a little mainstream with “Everleigh,” as it could be mistaken for something Lorde would release.

In a city where meeting someone worthwhile is rough, the two behind Lolahiko managed to find one another and  form a musical bond. Together they worked on a sound that culminated in the goth meets synth realm that can be heard on their debut, The Year We Died But Stayed Alive. If their sound is something you’re interested in hearing more of, check out the album – out now. Also, if you’re in the LA area you can check out Lolahiko’s EP listening party at Black in Santa Monica tonight, November 16.

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