Countless Thousands: You’re Goddamn Right

When your Kickstarter campaign is 300% successful, you can’t deny how much your fans want your new music. That’s the exact boat LA’s own Countless Thousands were in when they raised more than enough to record and complete their latest release You’re Goddamn Right, a masterful old school punk that gives you an energy boost in the form of sound.

Sounding very much like the cousin of Flogging Molly mated with traditional ways of pop punk and what came was “The Asskicker’s Union.” Growing up with the likes of New Found Glory you always wonder what inspired them and if I had to guess, it’d be music that sounded a lot like “We’ve Got a Dress Code.” The spirit of the record was that of Warped Tour up until we hit the middle of the things took a complete turn. “Excellent Horse Like Lady” kept the vocals in place, but the music that was coming through sounded like something the Barenaked Ladies would turn out. Things got back on track and if there’s anything you want to walk away with when it comes to this record, it’s that the vocals are extremely emotive, especially in “Only Child” and the crushing choruses of “Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As.”

With one oddball in the bunch, all in all this record is for fans of bands like The Clash and The Aquabats in that they’ve got that punk spirit but bring it to life with a pop feel that gives it this lively appeal. If this sounds like music you want more of, check out You’re Goddamn Right, out now.

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