Bond St. District: A Church on Vulcan

About two summers ago local Baltimore hip hop giant DDM ran into producer Paul Hutson and formed Bond St. District.

A few short months later and they dropped their debut EP, Everybody’s So Sleepy. With guest appearances by Katrina Ford, Josephine Olivia and EZE Jackson – people were hyped on the release and still are all these months later. Now though, they’ve got their full length, A Church on Vulcan, that dropped at the start of November and it’s a got a lot of bells, whistles and throwbacks.

The title track that opens the record proves that Bond St. District have a lot to say and a lot on their mind because there was a hell of a lot going on in “A Church On Vulcan.” Lyrically though, I feel like some tracks, like “Show Me Your Hands,” fell under the same umbrella as Childish Gambino. They don’t always rely on the whimsy though, and get real with “Don’t Panic” and the social conscious “Terror Era.” Soundwise though, this was a record where you can tell a producer is on board as the throwback to the ‘70s and ‘80s in “Yesterdays” and “Hey Mister” were ever present.

If you’re a fan of hip hop that has something to say, but does so in a manner that would get college kids hype – check out Bond. St. District’s A Church on Vulcan, out now! Also, if you’re in the Baltimore area on November 18th make sure to check these two out at Metro Gallery that night.


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