Fast Facts with Jammer’s Waffle House

Four years ago Matt Hinojosa’s guitar and vocals, Eve Weiss’ keyboard, David Eduardo Camacho Lopez’s bass and Caymen Vieira’s drums met and formed Jammer’s Waffle House – an indie pop band out of Mississauga up in Canada. Together they’ve toured, recorded and then some and now they’re ready for the world to hear their latest release, All at Once. So with that, we sat down to learn more about this quartet. So in their own words…

  1. Contrary to the popular opinion, Jammer’s Waffle House is not a restaurant that serves up delicious breakfast! However we are a 4-piece rock band from Toronto who enjoys eating breakfast!
  2. Our new record All at Once was a blast to make and we are super excited for everyone to hear it! It took us to four different cities including London, Pickering, Toronto and Mississauga!
  3. In 2013, we were the official house band for the Ontario Hockey League’s (OHL) Mississauga Steelheads and had the pleasure of making the Hershey Centre our home!
  4. All at Once contains 10 songs that are includes the topics of love, regret, ninjas, zombie girlfriends and the planet Mercury.
  5. Out of all of our equipment, Eve’s keyboard is by far the heaviest weighing in at 120 pounds!

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