Get Out of the “Shadows” with Topanga’s Latest Single

The first time around, Topanga’s “Shadows” was not something I wanted, but then we got further into it and I decided that it was a great track that definitely had the ability to lift spirits. I clicked play after reading that I had to redo a post for another site that would take all night, but with this upbeat electropop song on repeat – the sting of that email felt less and less like a kick in the ass. Maybe it was the lyrics telling me to slow down, or perhaps it was the energy felt in the music that encased them. Whatever the reason – this is a song I would recommend for anyone needing an attitude adjustment.

This song actually startd out as the basis for a commercial Topanga’s resident vocalist/keyboardist was working on but after falling in love with it – he kept it and now it resides on their upcoming release, Midnight Jungle. “Shadows” is up at the debut single from the record that’ll be in the hands of fans this coming February. Yes, that seems like a long ways away but remember when it was August? Time is a flying and pretty soon Midnight Jungle will be here. Before that though, make sure to check out Topanga at El Cid on December 2nd at 9pm.

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