Habit Blcx Serves a Strong Message “P.O.A”

Not too long ago we had the pleasure of sitting down with Habit Blcx and chatting a bit in our Hip Hop Shop and when we asked about new music – we didn’t expect to be hearing something this quick.

Low and behold here we are with “P.O.A,” the latest single from this socially conscious rapper out of Los Angeles.

Standing for “Pledge of Allegiance” this is a stunning piece of music. Spitting rhymes about what it means to black in America. You are told to stand every day in a classroom with your hand over your heart to recite something for a country that one time declared you 3/5ths a person. There has never been a time in America’s history where race was not an issue and with the headlines we see on the daily right now, this is a song that speaks volumes about where we still are. Martin Luther King Jr. may’ve led a movement but we’re still fighting it today.

If you are not moved by what Habit Blcx has to say in “P.O.A” then you’ve never felt injustice for something you could not help like your race, gender or sexual orientation, or perhaps you are in denial about what’s around you. Either way, this is a song that speaks volumes – so turn it up.


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