Wicklow Atwater: The Fallen Flame String Band

Rock bands have long since owned the Sunset Strip, while rappers have had a firm grasp on LA nightclubs but Americana music?

That’s not something your mind readily thinks of when mentioning the City of Angels. That’s because when you think of Americana, you think of a country guy or girl who may or may not have grown up near the backwoods of some small town. The men of Wicklow Atwater actually all grew up together in Atwater Village in Los Angeles, far from any sort of backwoods area – and they are definitely not what my mind’s come to expect when I hear what came from their latest release, The Fallen Flame String Band.

Appearing more like a band that may’ve spent time on either Warped Tour or Ozzfest, Wicklow Atwater may differ from the scene their sound places them in but their music puts them right at the top. Released earlier this month, The Fallen Flame String Band has a lot going on. “Don’t Throw (My Love Away) comes at you with a sense of chaos held together only by the roots of its well, root sound. Really though, a lot of what this band has to offer is energy powered by what sounds like a sea of banjos, mandolins and violins – oh and of course, some very expressive vocals. Which leads us to “Blazer’s Breakdown.” You get a sense of aggression with this one, as you do with “Inside You” as well.

While the guys of Wicklow Atwater don’t look like the types that’d be a superb Americana band…in Los Angeles, they freaking are. They pay homage to those who came before them in the genre by sticking with a very traditional instrumentation setup but what I feel they add to make it their own are those hints of anguish tossed about in the vocal deliveries. If this sounds like something you’d be down to get behind, check out The Fallen Flame String Band, out now.


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