Monster Rally: Mystery Cove

Photo Credit: Casey Catelli

They say summer is the reason for the season when it comes to new music, but I’d like to argue that fall is where it’s at because we are still swimming in new releases from November like LA’s Monster Rally and his latest, Mystery Cove. A tropical beatmaker based here in SoCal, Monster Rally takes you on a sonically sound journey with an album he penned in a very imaginative style. He wrote it for a movie soundtrack to a film that does not exist, but if it did – it’d likely be a reboot of The Love Boat.

Released via Gold Robot Records, Mystery Cove can definitely be summed up with a simple “calming.” Tracks like “Washed Ashore” and “The Birds Pt 4” had that effect on me as the island sounds crashed into me like waves on a soothing day at the beach. Things took a bit of a modern twist when it came to sampling some very Hawaiian sounds on “In The Valleys.” It was like old school island music got a bit of a hip hop makeover thanks to the beats that added a bounce to the whole thing. What I really loved though and what attributed most to my mind going straight to The Love Boat was “Full Sail.” Title aside, this one was a definite throwback to a cruise ship back in the ’70s and ’80s. The whole vibe of the song, the way it carried itself, there was no denying that.

Fall has been giving us so much and while Monster Rally’s Mystery Cove may remind people of the island during their summer vacation, it was released not too long ago via Gold Robot Records. If you’re a fan of tropical beats, check out Mystery Cove, out now.

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