Color You Presents “The Grand Trine”

When a record starts out like something from 1894, you wonder what the hell could even follow. That was the case with Color You’s The Grand Trine. It’s the title track that opened this record and I didn’t expect it to lighten up but thankfully the songs that followed were far from where it all began.

Going a bit out of order now, it was the last song heard that really stuck out as the most mainstream of the record. “Same Old Story” came out like it could stand toe to toe with the likes of Bright Eyes and Modest Mouse. While a great song that would allow them to break into the popular realm but I was more in tune with “In Tune.” See what I did there? Anyways, the lyrics that built the start were telling and sparked an individualistic interest, but what I appreciated was the balance that made it communal at the end with all the vocals coming in unison. There was also a balance between the energetic movement that came from “Empty” and the cool, calm and a bit seductive “Shine Through.”

When things started out with Color You’s The Grand Trine, it was weird but then it all balanced out on an alternative rock plain. If you’re all about this, check out The Grand Trine, out now.

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