Neighborhood Mixtape: Venice

One of the coolest places, hands down, is Venice. It’s got an atmosphere about it that is unlike a lot of places in this city. Super laid back with creative types all around that span from street artists to dancers to skaters; it’s quite the scene to walk down their boardwalk and take in every ounce  of it. With that, we’re ending this year with a mixtape for this chilled place with two artists who called it home; Sky Ferreira is the more modern one with a dirty pop style, while Brun Campbell once walked the streets of Venice when he wasn’t busy tearing it up as one of the best ragtime artists around back in the day. Then of course there’s a great Neil Young track from the Lords of Dogtown soundtrack – a movie that captures the skater culture perfectly, as does our Wiz Khalifa pick. Then there’s another video that showcases the beauty of Venice; Against Me. Enjoy!

Sky Ferreira “I Blame Myself”

Wiz Khalifa “Roll Up”

Neil Young “Old Man”

Against Me “I Was a Teenage Anarchist”

Brun Campbell “The Maple Leaf”

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