Don’t “Blame” Lio Nicol For Loving Her Latest Single

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Recently an artist by the name of Lio Nicol came our way. Originally from Montana she packed her bags almost seven years ago and headed down to San Diego looking to change things in her life, in a musical sense. After some time she packed once again and headed north towards LA, where she calls home today. Playing anytime she can, Lio has learned some of the ropes but still has a ways to go. Perhaps those ways will come when her new EP drops next month. While we don’t have that on deck today for you, we do have her new single, “Blame.”

Clean lines with sharp edges, this is a pop song you can sink your teeth into. Far from the likes of an Ariana Grande or Bieber, and more on the same page as a Colbie Caillat or Sheryl Crow – there’s a maturity in her performance throughout this song, but still a playful sense as the chorus always lands strong. When it comes to her upcoming EP, we hope to hear more like “Blame,” but we also are hoping for more drama with the vocals. There are certain moments in “Blame” that give us a taste that she’s got this diva range in her, and we are looking forward to hearing that come out.

A girl from Montana who decided almost a decade ago to chase her dreams out west, Lio Nicol is a singer with an adult contemporary pop sound that fans of Caillat and Crow will want to get to know now, and in the coming months. Make sure to check out “Blame,” out now – and be on the lookout for our interview with her coming soon!

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