Strae Releases Her Inner “Lioness”

Raised in San Diego, Strae found herself in an audition up in LA some time ago.

From it came an opportunity that’d no artist would pass up. Off she went to Japan to not only sing, but also work in dance. After some time doing J Pop and seeing what Osaka had to offer she headed back to the states where she is right now in SoCal. More importantly is what she has going on right now. She just dropped her new single, “Lioness,” from her upcoming EP – and it’s a can’t miss pop event.

While male lions are referred to the kings of the jungle, but it’s actually the lionesses who are the backbones of their prides. Which makes Strae’s single stands strong as not only a song, but as a message of empowerment. Her vocals deliver a strong pop presence as the light electronic waves create a welcoming essence that fans of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez will enjoy.

Strae’s “Lioness” is available now. Make sure to keep an eye out for her EP, out next year.

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