Personable: New Lines

395860_325122317508720_1211523497_nWhen you have a mind that relishes in the creative side of life, it’s hard to sit still on one thing too long. I blog, that’s my thing and I do it for two handful of sites that span topics because if I’m not writing, I’m not happy. I can’t one hundred percent say that’s the same for M. Geddes Gengras when it comes to music, but one can assume that’s the case since he’s broadening his musical horizons with a new record under the moniker Personable, and if you’re a fan of synthesizers, New Lines is for you.10296340_750300128324268_7810259382811194540_o


This is not my area of expertise as I love the written word when in print or sung, so when I started New Lines and was met with the vocabulary void “Bushi” I was a little lost at first, but then I let the sounds play on and let them tell me their own stories. This one placing listeners in an industrial theater somewhere downtown where the grit gets an elevated touch of elegance. As that one took the stage, “New Bounce” presented a more new age feel, like you’d hear it as you were welcomed into a store where incense reigned supreme. Each track stood on it’s own, so far we had an alternative take on drama and an ambient tune, then we get video game realness with “Cris Rose.” If you play the likes of World of Warcraft, you can instantly imagine this playing as you start a new quest. Lastly, the title track didn’t really draw up a scene quite as quick as the others. What it did do was exhaust with its incessant movement.

Words are gifts, but they aren’t for everyone and not necessary in every instant of life. While I love a great line in a song, music can exist without them as Personable has proven with this record, ironic…Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of synthesizer based music that paints a vivid picture, check out New Lines, out October 9.

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