Blak Emoji: Intro

Sitting in the brisk cold of the South Bay wondering where the warm weather of California went as Malcolm in the Middle sits paused, and Blak Emoji’s upcoming release spins.

Intro was not what I expected. With the lead single being “Honey,” my mind was swept away by the idea that I was in for this smooth ride. Instead there was a bit of a surprise once the listening party got started.

Kicking off Blak Emoji’s Intro was the rocking ways of “Sapiosexual.” Far from the smooth soul I was ready for, it was a nice shock in the morning. Just the jolt to shake the wake in you. That continued with “Baby Making Heels.” Sounding like it’d be in the same family as Lenny Kravitz, it oozed sex appeal – as did the next couple of tracks that really helped this album take on a new path. “Velvet Ropes & Dive Bars” was definitely more laid back than how the record started. Still cool as its neighbors but with a whole different vibe. Then there’s “Honey,” which gives serves up sensual electro pop. What I personally liked though was the positive message stirring in “Poison To Medicine.”


Coming from the Lower East Side, Blak Emoji will be dropping Intro on January 20. A week after he’ll be playing the big release show at Irving Plaza. While you wait, make sure to check out “Honey,” out now.

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