G Matthews Decks the Halls with “I Don’t Want To Trim Your Tree.”

Earlier this year we were introduced to G Matthews and her debut album Chasing Happy, and it’s eponymous single.

Impressed by her ability to take catchy hooks and attach them to well thought lyrics made us want more, and this month we got it with her holiday single, “I Don’t Want To Trim Your Tree.”

There are a lot of songs that celebrate the holidays. You likely had to sing a dozen or so of them growing up during December before you finally got your two week break from elementary school. This is not one of those songs. This is the song for the punk kid sitting in the back of the choir wishing they could shove some jingle bells up their teacher’s you know what. Of course catchy, “I Don’t Want To Trim Your Tree” is a pop rock song that fans of We Are The In Crowd and The Summer Set would find themselves listening to while trying to avoid another conversation with that weird cousin during Christmas Eve dinner.

Whether or not you absolutely love the holidays or are the kind of person who just wishes we’d go from Halloween to January 1st, you’ll love this song if you’re into pop rock that really delivers on all points. “I Don’t Want To Trim Your Tree” and Chasing Happy are available now.

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