Naeya: Secrets

Secrets. A fitting title for an EP from a woman who kept the fact she could carry a tune all the way home and back for years. Unlike many today who feel they have any musical talent, Naeya wasn’t quick to hope on a bus to audition for a reality show. She let her natural gift take a backseat as she focused on finishing up college. After that diploma was in hand a friend managed to get her on YouTube. A few thousand hits later and this underground songstress was in LA. Fast forward to November 2016 and she was dropping Secrets for the world to hear. A beautiful urban pop sound, Naeya sounds like she could hold her ground alongside artists like Jhene Aiko and Ariana Grande when the former Nickelodeon star calms it down.

Right away you can hear the radio appeal found within Naeya with “Enough.” A flawless piece flows naturally into the sensual “White Noise.” While “Tuesday” wasn’t as strong as the others, the record was capped with the power of “Too Close.” When it comes to how this album plays out, there’s an ease. I’m sure it was a lot of hard work to get the EP made, but it sounds like the lyrics, music and all the rest just sort of fell into place with such finesse and grace. If you’re a fan of pop with a soulful touch, make sure to check out Naeya’s latest release because her talent isn’t a secret anymore.

Secrets is available on iTunes now.

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