Dex Man Presents “Devil Ina Blue Dress”

You ready to move a bit today? Good because Dex Man’s latest single will have you up on your feet in no time. A song that could fall various places on the spectrum, it combines a hip hop delivery with reggaeton beats, and an overall pop vibe that should please any and everyone it crosses.

Coming up in the ’90s, Dex Man was often influenced by the sounds that surrounded him in the UK, as well as those coming across the pond like Dr. Dre. Older now he has taken those past loves and intertwined them with those he looks to today such as Meek Mill and Drake, and created a sound that classifies him as a profound “genre hopper.” Never settling down in one style too long, he jumps around creating an everlasting interest to what he’s got going on. Which right now is his latest single, “Devil Ina Blue Dress.”

Balancing out the reggaeton with the rhymes, Dex Man brought on his boy J Wanza to complete the overall sound of the track and together they have created a song that’s destined to bring the party each and every time. “Devil Ina Blue Dress” is available now.

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