Ashley Brinton is “All I Need” When it Comes to Pop Goodness

Some say kids today are too distracted by social media and technology, and aren’t giving their full potential. Those who say that have yet to meet young stars like Ashley Brinton who not only made her big screen debut in 2016, but is also one hell of a singer.

Just a few years ago Ashley was not only the voice behind her song “Come Along,” but also the writer and producer for the video. While other pop stars rely on a team to create their sound, this girl has the know how to do it herself – and does. But that doesn’t mean she steers away from talented teammates when the chance arises. That’s what led her to work with with producer Cory Rooney who’s shared studio time in the past with the likes of Mariah Carey, JLo, Santana and more. Together Cory and Ashley created youthful, feel good pop like her latest single, “All I Need.”

The song alone has this romantic yet innocent presence to it. Which is great because while some would try and portray an older feel, she sticks to her age and brings forth a genuine tone of voice to her music. Then there’s the video, which fits the song like a glove. Impressive NYC shots as the young starlet sings her heart out to Liv and Maddie star Tenzing Trainor.

If more kids today were like Ashley Brinton, the haters would be no more because she’s proving that age don’t mean a thing – hard work will always prevail. She stepped in the water in 2016, but come 2017 she’s about to make a splash. If you’re a fan of artists like Sabrina Carpenter and Bridgit Mendler, then make sure to check out Ashley Brinton’s “All I Need.”

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