Sinai Vessel: Brokenlegged

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t imagined themselves in a music video while staring out a window. Done as a kid many a time, and again today as Sinai Vessel’s Brokenlegged played while the pitter patter of rain hit the pavement of LA. An album that landed within arms reach not too long after my laptop was turned on for the day, I was surprised to be so taken by a piece of music by a band I’d never heard of until after a couple of clicks. Now enamored with this indie album that has a punk mentality and an emo heart, I created a series of videos while peaking through the living room window.

Right away the arrangement alone when “Looseleaf” began was enough to cause a smile to spread on my face. The lyrics that followed were good, but even that music alone was enough to leave an impression. As things progressed “Ramekin” presented a cool front, while “Laughlin” brought a lot of emotion to the table. Once in the thick of things, it’s realized by “Dogs” that one can really get lost in this record – which is great if you have all day to lose to an album. While I loved the music here and the music there, it was the stripped down ways of “Died On My Birthday” that really made me stand with ovation.

Whether or not you’d like to admit you have or do pretend to be in a video is up to you, but after one listen of Brokenlegged – you’d be crazy to deny the fine work put forth by Sinai Vessel. If you’re a fan of Ben Gibbard or The Shins, make sure to give this album a listen when it comes to you from Tiny Engines on January 27.

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