Gramercy Park Take a Ride with “Hanging From The Edge”

It’s not uncommon for a video to be set in a car heading who knows where. Red Hot Chili Peppers did it with their cathartic “Scar Tissue” as did Alanis Morissette with her breakout “Ironic.” So when you know it works, go with it – right? That’s why we were pleased to hop in as Gramercy Park got behind the wheel in their video for “Hanging From The Edge.” As they zipped down a road void of anyone but them and their song, we got a story with straightforward lyrics that left us feeling very in on the conversation.

Having been a teen when Deadsy came out with “Gramercy Park,” this sound was not what I expected. I thought for sure this band would deliver a post-goth rock song that would leave me yearning for the days when I wasn’t too old to shop at Hot Topic. Instead, this was the complete opposite. Never would you hear this in that store, but rather on a mix alongside Bryan Adams and The Script. With lyrics that spin a tale, and a chorus that creates the sing-a-long moments throughout – Gramercy Park have a great tune on their hands.

If you’re a fan of pop music that has been touched with the heart of a storyteller, then Gramercy Park’s “Hanging From The Edge” is ready for you.

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