Getting ‘Fancy’ with Auburn Road

Many believe the basis for the music we feel most connected to comes way before we’re old enough to sing along.

That seems to be the case for the three women who make up Auburn Road. Paxton and Kristen both admitted it was each of their parental units love of Garth Brooks and other classic country artists that inspired their country love, and as for their girl Alicia – she’s always loved country but definitely leaned on Sheryl Crow during her formative teen years. Influences aside, they each came with their own, and even talked about Dixie Chicks a little, which was funny because that was the only other female country group that came to mind on my end.

The rarity of all female groups in the country realm is something we couldn’t help but talk to the trio that makes up Auburn Road about. They were honest when it came to their perspective, and we couldn’t help but fall for each of them as the interview progressed.

Kendra: When I was sitting down and listening to your EP Fancy, I tried to think of another female country group and came up with one. I also couldn’t think of that many in other genres either. Why do you think ensembles aren’t as ever present – at least in the mainstream realm?

Alicia: Female groups, and females in general, are very rare in country music these days. Being women in country music we’ve noticed more and more how little we hear women on the country radio stations. We’re hoping to break this cycle along with some of the other upcoming female artists.

Kristen: I think that groups are difficult to find anywhere now, but most especially in country music because of the sheer fact that people are afraid to take a chance with them. The groups that are seen in music now have been around for a while which is why they are still popular but for newer groups it’s much harder, especially all girl groups. All girl music groups are a rare find nowadays and that’s very unfortunate. The sad truth about it is there are very few girls in country music in general, so a successful all girl group is practically a long shot to find. It seems like the business is too nervous to give them a chance. I believe a strong girl group is just what country music needs right now. Women in country need to be heard and trust me, we have a lot to say.

Paxton: I think in the country world right now it’s very hard to make it as a woman. The males are almost running the genre so you can just imagine how hard it is to break a female country act. I also think because there have been so few female groups many are scared to put them out there because it’s risky. You don’t have as many examples of female groups making it compared to the male groups. Also sometimes females are more expensive than guy acts we require makeup, hair, special outfits, constant pictures etc., so imagine the cost of everything with more than one female. In order to have more female groups out there in the world we need more people who are willing to take a chance and make a big move.

Kendra: Which, great job on Fancy! When it was all said and done, was there anything that didn’t make the record that you’re hoping resurface at a later date?

Paxton: We got almost everything we wanted on our album. However there is one song we wrote that unfortunately didn’t make it to the EP. It’s called “A Thousand Stars” it’s a beautiful love song about a couple and their journey throughout the years. We wanted to add it to Fancy but it’s a very complex and grown up story that we didn’t really understand at the time because we were 14-15 years old when we wrote it. When the time is right I think that song will be on a future Auburn Road album for sure.

Kristen: “A Thousand Stars” follows a couple through their whole life and tells the story of how much they love each other. The whole point of the song is even though they don’t have much, they have each other and how they would need a thousand stars to wish for all they want for the other person. But we were only 14 or 15 years old when we wrote it so it was a little early for a song that heavy for 14/15-year-old girls. But it will always be a special song to me.

Alicia: I still believe “A Thousand Stars” is a great song, but because we wrote it when we were only 14 years old, and it was such a mature lyric and story, it didn’t seem to fit in with our record. Now that we’re a few years older, it may resurface on an upcoming album.

Kendra: One song that stuck out was “Friday Night ‬Lights.” Of course it made me think of the show and the fandom that comes with it. Are you super fans of any TV shows right now?‬‬

Paxton: I like all kinds of shows I’m not the kind of person who sticks just to one. I’m a TV show hopper. Right now I’m really into The Office, Law & Order SVU, Supernatural and Young Justice.

Kristen: I have to be honest, my favorite show of all time is Friends but right now I absolutely cannot stop watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer!! I’m almost done watching the series and I really don’t want it to end! I blame Netflix for my addiction though. When another episode automatically plays after 10 seconds of course I’m going to keep watching!

Alicia: I am absolutely a super fan of The Walking Dead.

Kendra: What can we expect from Auburn Road in 2017?

Kristen: In 2017 Auburn Road will be hitting the road and performing as much as we possibly can! Also while we are writing and recording for a new record we would LOVE to go back to Nashville. The goal is to get a record deal and to have a successful year with radio and touring so we pray that this will become a reality for us in 2017. Hopefully this upcoming year is full of great opportunities and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.

Paxton: I would love to see Auburn Road with a record deal it would be so cool to hear or read “Auburn Road is signed to blah blah blah label” in Billboard. One thing we will be doing is writing and recording a new album probably in the spring sometime. I also see many rehearsals on the horizon. I’m not sure exactly what life and God have in store for us but I know Auburn Road will have a great next year.

Kendra: Are there up and coming country acts you’ve found recently that you feel our readers would love just as much as you?

Kristen: Ok listen carefully when I say this…Maren. Morris. If you haven’t already purchased her album Hero you are seriously missing out. Her lyrics are clever, the music is great, and once you hear it you will be singing “80’s Mercedes” at the top of your lungs while driving (I know I do). I think she truly represents the next women in country and I can’t wait for another album. You can thank me later.

Paxton: I’m OBSESSED with Maren Morris and Cam right now they both have great albums and I think everyone could get into them. They are not typical country artists they’re fresh, new and they bring something different to their songs; both have amazing voices and are really into girl power so needless to say I love them.

Alicia: There are a few up and coming acts that have stood out this year, but one of my favorites it Maren Morris. She’s an inspiration not only because of her music but because she’s a down to earth female in country music. If you haven’t heard her album Hero I highly recommend it!

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