The Inspired Waves of Anton Josef Kellner

We are part of a group from the moment we exit our mothers. Placed in pink or blue, we are assigned a gender group, and from there we grow up and choose to be a part of certain cliques at school, then work and so forth and so on. We’re never truly apart from anyone but at the same time, we can try and escape on our own and that’s exactly what Anton Josef Kellner did when he went from being in a band to heading out on his own. We talked about that freeing moment, as well as the time he ditched modern times to focus, and more in the following exchange…

Kendra: When we first met you had some Lone Stars by your side. What made you feel it was time to move on to being a solo artist?

Anton Josef Kellner: It wasn’t really a spoken thing, it kind of just happened. One morning I woke and was kinda just like “I want to make music that sounds different.” Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun, but it was just a genre that I grew out of playing, and wanted to focus more on a different direction of sound.Those guys are all still really good friends of mine and I plan on collaborating with them in the future.

Kendra: Did you feel like you were being sort of born again when it came to your creative spirit when you started anew on your own?

Anton: Yes! I don’t think I could have stated it in a better way. It felt freeing not being tied to anything other than what’s in my head.

Kendra: You kind of went off the grid a bit when you started recording your debut. Did it help parting ways a bit with social media?

Anton: Absolutely. It’s something i wanted to do for a while. There are so many man-made distractions that can really deter from the vision, focus, and overall artistic value. In fact that was one of the things that I have been struggling the most as an artist. The inspiration. I go through waves of being completely uninspired and then out of the blue an idea will hit me and I will track it.

Kendra: Also, when and what can we expect the new album by the way?

Anton: I don’t have an exact date nailed down (another freeing aspect about going solo), but definitely sometime in 2017. As for the direction, you can expect a crazy mesh of indie experimentation. Think R&B, electronic, folk, jazz, ambient, and gospel fused into one. Very vocal heavy. Some vocoding, with lots of layers. There will also be some talent who will be lending me their hands. This crazy idea that I came up with is another reason why I am having such a hard time finding the inspiration, but fear not, It’s coming!

Kendra: Your debut single, “Pyrrhic,” is downright soothing. Seriously. What’s the story behind it?

Anton: Wow thank you. That really means a lot! The fun thing is, there is no real story (much like most of the content on the new record). In the past, I used to write simply based on emotion, which in a lot of cases is the best form of writing/creativity. However, I wanted to delve in a more artistic “from the ground up” approach. I kind of look at all of these new tunes as a physical art project. When you go to an art gallery and you look at the art, some of it will bring internal pleasure (joy, excitement, laughter, etc). You will get a feeling just based on your visual experience off the bat, prior to anyone even explaining the story behind the piece. That is what will be captured with the new songs, only audibly.

Kendra: Other than the new album, do you have anything planned already for 2017?

Anton: Not at the moment. Shows are currently on pause. I am giving this debut under my own name 110%. I’ve rushed a lot of projects in the past and I don’t want to do that with this one. Upon getting closer to its release, more things will start being planned!

Kendra: : You’ve played a good deal in the SoCal area. Is there an indie artist you’ve come across that has impressed the hell out of you lately that you think our readers should know about?

Anton: Man that is one tough question. I have played countless shows all over the country and there have been so many talented artists who do/did it way better than me, so in a sense this is like choosing a favorite child. I will say, an artist and good friend of mine (who’s actually collaborating on my new songs) who performs under the name Airospace. He has some top notch jazzy hip hop poetry. You can find him on Twitter. As for artists who I have been listening to lately, it’s been mostly this singer-songwriter called Hiss Golden Messenger. The dude has got so much talent! He just dropped his new record “Heart Like A Levee,” one of my favorites of 2016.

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