Ilana Armida: Iridescent Flower Child

When it comes to pop music we seem to go in waves of really great, bubblegum, WTF and so forth and so on. The late ‘90s and ‘00s were an odd time. I mean a song about a thong was all the rage, but we loved it. Then we got into the here and now and while a lot of pop artists rely too heavily on their Instagram followers and studio enhancements, it’s nice to hear an album that harkens back to a time where Brandy and Monica were fighting over the top of the charts. While Ilana Armida definitely gave me a throwback vibe, she wasn’t without modern twists that made her sound fresh as hell on her debut Iridescent Flower Child.

Ilana was able to cover all the bases as she went from sultry in “This Feeling” to the dance floor with “You Got What I Want.” Encased between those were pop songs with urban beats that fans of everyone from JoJo to Mya would enjoy. Whether it was “Pretend” or “Still Down for You.” In the end though I have to point out two that really tied for first place in my heart’s rotation. “Dreams” was great because I could imagine her singing this to a crowd opening for the likes of Justin Bieber and every girl in the place loving it. Then there was “Sweet Freedom” which was accompanied by a slick beat and a tinkling of ivory keys; perfect.

Right now I’d say we’re in an okay spot when it comes to pop. Chart toppers like Bieber and Ariana Grande are holding the genre up, but soon enough we could see Ilana Armida up there after more and more get their hands on Iridescent Flower Child, out now.

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