The Bottom Line ‘Still Hate You,’ Only Not Really

They just wrapped up a string of dates in the UK, but while The Bottom Line were out there playing in places like Manchester and Bristol, they found some time to sit down and answer some questions about popping their US touring cherry, whether or not their sentiments are known on their latest EP, their take on the current pop punk scene and more…

Kendra: A UK tour planned in January, but are there any plans to head overseas and take on some US audiences?

Max: We don’t have solid plans currently. We are really keen to get more dates in Europe & the states would be a dream. But it’s super expensive and very competitive. There are a lot of conversations going on currently, so hopefully 2017 will see us overseas!

Kendra: Have you guys ever had the chance to play in the states?

Max: We haven’t had a solid opportunity yet, but as well as the UK it is “the place to break.” We are doing everything to come to over and say hi!

Kendra: No matter where you play you’ll be delivering songs from I Still Hate You. Now, if this was written with a particular person in mind – are they well aware they inspired a record like this?

Callum: We don’t think the person who inspired the song knows…It’s one of those situations where I lost touch and wrote a song.

Kendra: I’ve always thought the best lyrics come when an artist is obviously pissed or going through a breakup. Agree or disagree?

Max: Yeah, I think this can be true quite often. Love (the good and bad bits) is a really strong emotion, one you’re often the most passionate about, but there’s a lot of stuff that’s inspired by good times. A lot of the tracks off the EP are actually inspired by the times we’ve shared together and how far we’ve come from playing in crappy pubs.

Kendra: Now that the EP is all said and done, is there anything you wish you guys would’ve done differently at all?

Max: It’s a case of onwards and upwards. We have a whole album ready to go but wanted people to get a flavour of our new sound. I guess we’ll consider any regrets once people have heard it, hopefully it’s liked!

Kendra: Your overall sound is a definite throwback to old school punk you’d hear alongside skateboard videos back in the day. Do you think that pop punk style has diminished in any way over the years and if so, why?

Max: I think it’s developed into a whole new beast. You have a lot of more Emo inspired pop punk, really pushing on the angst that pop punk has always had. We like to keep a few fart and dick jokes, as Pop Punk, in our eyes, has always been about having an awesome time.

Kendra: Speaking of pop punk – we’re going to play a music version of Fuck, Marry, Kill called Tour, Cover, Duet. So out of Blink-182, State Champs and New Found Glory…which would you like to cover, collaborate with and share a stage with?

Max: Cover: State Champs. Collaborate: New Found Glory. Share a stage: Blink 182

Kendra: Other than the January dates, anything else on the books for 2017?

Max: That’s for us to know and you to find out!

Kendra: Say you found a magic lamp but the genie was reckless and only would grant the band one collective wish, what would it be?

Max: If we had one collective wish we would probably wish to have a thousand more wishes. Or guaranteed audiences of 2000+ for the rest of our lives… yeah…that would be fun…

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