Catching Up with Avid Dancer Before a Fall Run on the Road

Everyone uses the good ol’ “LOL” when they text, but how many of us mean it? Well, I’ll tell you that when I read through Jacob Dillan Summers of Avid Dancer’s answers to this interview. He’s got a lot of charm, even in print so it’s no wonder that he and the rest of the band have risen in the ranks, and I have no doubt that they’ll be able to win over every crowd night after night this fall on tour with BØRNS.

That tour kicks off tonight in Kansas City and will be winding down just in time for everyone to make it home in time for Thanksgiving. Now stay tuned to hear what Justin had to say about his moves, the tunes and more.

Kendra: You seem to be all about dancing. The name, the track “I Want To See You Dance.” So what’s that all about, was there dance classes growing up that really shaped the present?

Avid Dancer: Heck no! I am the worst dancer. I just enjoy it but only when I’m alone!

Kendra: Sticking with and going back to “I Want To See You Dance,” do you have a signature, go-to move when you’re put on the spot to shake it?

Avid Dancer: I do the whip or running man.

Kendra: Another song that I wanted to talk about is “All Your Words Are Gone.” If you had to write the next record using only pictures, what would you likely draw the most?

Avid Dancer: I don’t know if I can make visual comparisons to my next album at this point- but it probably sounds like a long, stoney, mildly drunken beach day.

Kendra: Looking at the calendar, I can’t believe we’re almost done with September. Did you accomplish everything you wanted this year so far, or do you have a couple more things on the checklist?

Avid Dancer: Hmm, well I really wanted to release a few covers I’ve been working on. I think that’ll probably happen – so that’s a goal! Honestly, releasing my first album on a record label was pretty much my life’s goal up until this point of my life. So that was a huge accomplishment for me ya know?

Kendra: This week you’ll be hitting the road with BØRNS. What’s the first and last thing you find yourself packing every single time when a tour comes around?

Avid Dancer: First thing I pack are my boots, and as many pair of jeans as possible. Last thing I pack is always my tooth brush and phone charger!

Kendra: What do you have planned for when the tour wraps up back home in the LA area at the end of November?

Avid Dancer: I think we’ll all sleep for a week. Then I’d love to lock myself in a room for two months and write a second album; personal goals. I can’t speak for the rest of the band!

Kendra: What do you do the very next day after a tour – get back to business, or go into a bit of a hibernation?

Avid Dancer: I’ll be at a show I guarantee it.

Kendra: Do you have any plans for the coming year yet?

Avid Dancer: I’d like to renew my season pass to Six Flags…Work on my next album, and find a really cute girlfriend.

Kendra: Is there any new artist you’ve been obsessed with recently that you want to shout out and think your fans and our readers should check out?

Avid Dancer: Right on! Best question ever. I’ve been working with a few bands lately but one dude, De La Cuesta, is pretty rad! His music isn’t out yet but will be maybe in a week or so?

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