Bianca Rose: No Fear Here

Right now I’m reading a book on how to create a great character in a story, and among everything that has to be packed into them – change seems to be number one.

Stories with stagnant characters are never good, and in this case neither are albums. I say that because Bianca Rose’s debut No Fear Here reminded me of the stories that are well-rounded, far from the ones where flat characters take center stage. No Fear Here presented someone timid at first, but who slowly found the confidence she needed to fly.

When this record started, I wasn’t too keen on it. Bianca seemed scared of her own voice when she began on “No Fear Here Part One.” Her words seemed too delicate to touch, as if a deer about to run off into the brush. I was waiting for the breakout moment, but it never came. Slowly though, that moment came in steps throughout the rest of the record. “Hidden” ironically was not in the shadows at all as her vocals came off stronger than before. Then all of a sudden there was a burst of confidence in “Eagles” where the lyrics were loud and clear, as well as in “Wall Paper Painting,” a song with a very old school, classic Hollywood feel. To top it off there was a beautiful duet featuring a layering of talent between Bianca and Ayanna Witter-Johnson in “Because of Love.”

All good stories feature a protagonist who comes to terms with conflict and changes as the story unravels before the reader. No Fear Here presented someone with very little confidence whose story revealed someone coming out anew. Great lyrics, tale and sound from this South London artist who has found a nice balance between folk and soul. Make sure to give this story a listen when Bianca Rose’s No Fear Here drops January 30.

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