Figure Eight: Forever

Back in high school and throughout most of college music sounding very similar to what came out of Figure Eight’s EP Forever was something I was all about, and while music like that still exists thanks to Real Friends and The Story So Far, I find myself not too into those bands because I’m not a teen mad at a classroom full of people who “don’t get me anymore,” but for some reason I didn’t feel too old for what I heard on Figure Eight and really, I think it had to do with the lyrics being great right out of the gate.

In the back of my head I could imagine seeing a band like this opening for Finch back in the day, but alas Figure Eight can hold their own in the here and now with what they have especially with the – well, we’ll get to my personal pick in a second. First though “Clean” presented a great base for the band, while “October” sounded a little similar to what I’ve seen and heard from The Story So Far, minus the apparent screaming at me for no reason. There was more melody found encased within Figure Eight’s delivery. Really though, it’s the title track “Forever” that really holds this EP up high. I could imagine someone as old as me and as young as 14 singing this with the same passion and fervor at a show.

Perhaps I have been too quick to dismiss a lot of the new music out there, because Figure Eight has proven that the sound I adored then still has a place in my heart. If you like bands like Such Gold and Knuckle Puck, check out Figure Eight’s Forever, out February 10.

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