The Hip Hop Shop: Mad Preacher

Creating hits since the mid-90s, Mad Preacher is a notable force in the UK hip hop scene.

Using his skills he’s made a name for himself for over two decades intertwining his attention to detail in his rhymes with the rhythmic ways of Reggae. With his latest, “Soul Fire” out, we decided to talk shop about his style, the elements of the earth and more…

Kendra: When you’re crafting a new song, say like your latest “Soul Fire,” where are you? Home, out in London somewhere? Basically, where do you find you write best?

Mad Preacher: When writing most of my new songs, I usually gather inspiration from life itself either my own experience, or problems and issues I encounter or i may hear beat an it i will just stir something deep within me and I just start writing. With SoulFire i was in the my Kitchen blazing up ideal listening to the beat SoulahRe dropped on me a few days before and then wham it just hit me. How things changed for me as i was think about the transition into fatherhood.
And the importance of being a role model for not only yours but for all generations also. I would say it’s time to selling all these pipe dreams in music we have seen over the last 20 years and bring it back to da Edutainment and get back in touch with reality.

Kendra: Speaking of “Soul Fire,” you’ve noted the elements of earth are some of your influences. Have you always related to nature on that level?

Mad Preacher: I always relate with nature in my life and music as they are all elemental elements that create a symphony called life. My body vibrates, and so do the sounds we play an beats we make. Once you tune into the universal vibration and to the songs it plays on daily basis as the season change you can hear the frequency getting higher and faster in the warmer to hotter months to slowing down to more in the colder winter months so i try to make my music in line with this.

Kendra: Your sound also has a lot of Reggae to it. Is that style ever present in the UK?

Mad Preacher: Yes Reggae is the backbone to most music here its influence is heavy in all genres of music. This is how Jungle came about in east London in the ‘90s. UK is well known for its Sound System culture with the likes of Abashanti/ Chanel one/ Hornz of Jericho to name but few.
Growing up as child i would go to Ladbroke Grove and sit watch as they erected large base bins and scoops an new then I wanted to write and make music.

Kendra: Landing on the radio over two decades ago, how do you feel the industry has changed since then – and have those changes affected how you approach the business?

Mad Preacher: It has not changed to much still. The Pirate stations still operating the same using some of the same technology some have moved with the digital age and now have stations on the internet. I have been on OLA only Latin America hip hop and few other online radio stations giving interviews. So with regards to radio when i have time I will try to reach an light up the airwaves at present it more about playing out live

Kendra: Lastly, what else do you have on your plate so far this year?

Mad Preacher: I have the two-part of celestial-kings e.p dropping in physical form and digital release. I will also being dropping two more videos of that next will be Island of Creed so keep ya eyes peeled i also feature on SoulahRe album and also feature DEFB4DISHONOUR Aslan present with more videos from both projects one will feature Grand Agent.l will also looking to play out near the summer in around London so keep your eyes peeled for these dates.


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