Strike a Pose and Scream “Bloody Mary” with KOLE

With a look that harkens back to the days of Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, and a song entitled “Bloody Mary,” one may assume we had a goth nu-metal queen in our midst.

KOLE’s sound however is far from that scene. Instead her sound has vigor to it, a vibrant drama if you will. We talked about her latest single, but in a nontraditional sense as we got to know more about who KOLE is as a person, her truths, her editorial feel, and much more…

Kendra: Were you the type of person who absolutely loved going to concerts when you were younger?

KOLE: Yes! There were definitely a few shows that hit hard for me, an Elton John one when I was younger immediately comes to mind, however, I think there always comes a point when an aspiring young artist will be standing in a crowd and think, “I need to do this and I need to be doing this now,” which almost turns into this frustration that you end up having to do something about.

Kendra: If that was you, was there any particular performer that gave you the inspiration to start getting into music for yourself?

KOLE: There are a few but Sade, Nat King Cole, and James Taylor I was inspired by the most.

Kendra: You come across as very ’90s Vogue in a lot of pictures. Does any of your aesthetic as an artist come from that era?

KOLE: Yes! When I was a little girl in the ‘90s I would look at these women in magazines and imagine myself wearing those clothes so I think even now I’m just fueling that childhood dream. I’m lucky I’ve been able to really have my music mesh with this look!

Kendra: Now getting more into the music, kind of. “Bloody Mary” dropped back around Halloween. Which was fitting since it is a popular folklore of sorts for kids. Other than that one, was there any other one that stuck with you growing up?

KOLE: Maybe Sleeping beauty? Because I’m never getting any!

Kendra: You’re all about the truth, which is awesome. More should be like that BUT can you admit to the last little white lie that may’ve spilled from your lips?

KOLE: Probably a few nights ago, I told my manager I was staying in but I went out until the early morning and I know she’s reading this now, so now I’d like to apologize for lying.

Kendra: Going back to morality. You have some two million people keeping tabs on your tweets. Do you feel some sort of extra responsibility when you have that many eyes on your tweets?

KOLE: Yes, I really try to stay positive, truthful, and authentic on my twitter. There are times I think of venting but I really want to be positive and uplifting, I know it helps me when I read things like that so hopefully I can brighten up someone’s day.

Kendra: Being in LA you have a lot of choices when it comes to places to play. Any personal favorites you’ve hit the stage at?

KOLE: Avalon in Hollywood, the energy is awesome there.

Kendra: We’re just getting started, but do you have any plans you can share about what you have going on this year?

KOLE: Yes, lots of new music, so much I almost don’t know what to do with it right now- I can’t stop writing but I love the direction of where it’s going so I’ll keep hitting record.

Kendra: Off the top of your head, if you had to come up with a list of three songs you cannot stop listening to right now – what would you be sharing?

Glass Animals- “Youth
Sevdaliza- “Human
Post Malone’- “Leave

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