Rebekah Todd: Crooked Lines

Photo Credit: Jesse Gagne

It’s been a long while since I heard music that sounded like what Rebekah Todd. Possibly the last time I was in the car with my B.B. KIng loving dad a few years ago. While she definitely has the blues down packed, there is something jovial to be found on sophomore album, Crooked Lines.

Easy to read. That’s how I like to define the blues. They are straightforward and to the point. They do away with a lot of symbolism and tell it like it is. Like when a man is bad news, “Rotten Man” sings true, or when love is all they have, “Let Me Prove My Love” is doing nothing more than delivering pristine, clear lines. Other than the lyrics being understandable, there was a lot of emotion found within Crooked Lines. From a festive march down the streets of New Orleans with “Lightening Bugs” to the sultry vibe of “‘Til The Wheels Fall Off.”

We don’t hear many artists coming out all the time like Rebekah Todd. In my realm my dad’s car is always a blues fest, but what Rebekah really took me back to was the end of every Ally McBeal episode when Vonda Shepard would belt out a jazzy blues tune while the characters summed up what we’d just watched. If you’re a fan of that modern blues sound, make sure to check out Rebekah Todd’s Crooked Lines, out February 17.

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