Jen Janet: Dangerous

Nothing scared me more as a child than the reality of a hospital, but now here I am with the man I love more than anything as we face what I hope is the biggest hurdle of our lives. As the halls begin to buzz, I have Jen Janet in one ear, and my other on his vitals. Blood pressure high likely due to the stress of the situation, I try and let Janet’s Dangerous EP calm me down with an inviting sound that is far from the tiny room we’re cramped in for the time being.

When I pressed play, “In Bloom” brought forth a nice arrangement that really let Jen’s voice be the star. There was this softness to her performance and I thought that would be how the rest of the record played. Wrong. Instead, everything after was all about movement. “Can’t Breathe” made it obvious that this wasn’t going to be what I’d originally expected. Dancing in my head from that point on to “Moonlit Dancefloor” and the title track which reminded me Madonna when she came out with “Music.” So a little EDM, a little pop, a lotta fun.

Jen Janet was the only one keeping me company in the wee hours of the hospital morning. She started out on a different note than how the rest of the album would develop. An instantaneous dance party that allows you, even if it’s just one second, to escape the hand reality has dealt you. If you find yourself needing a little bit of an escape – look no further than Jen Janet’s Dangerous, out March 6.

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