SØF Impresses with “Ghosts”

One can never know what’s coming in life, or in this case music. You just never know what direction an artist is going to take when you see just a name on a page. At least that’s how I love to walk into situations like this. Knowing just a name, SØF was a mystery to me. Was this a band, a rap duo, a country artist? In the end SØF was none of those but instead a solo artist formerly known as Sofia Nicole with a sweet voice anyone would be lucky to have serenade them.

With the current scene, I thought once I saw SØF she’d be placed in the same scene as say Halsey, but instead she had a more Carole King, classic tone to her voice. At least that comes across with her debut single, “Ghosts.” Classic with a great incorporation of modern elements tossed in with the musical arrangements that remind me of structures heard in AC pop songs from the late ’90s and early ’00s.

A great sound from this New Jersey girl, SØF comes across like a true form singer-songwriter but delivers a great deal of pop in her elevated style. An artist worth checking out, SØF’s “Ghosts” will be available now.

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