No Small Children Release Powerful New Track ‘I Feel Better”

You have most likely have heard of  them, No Small Children.

The all girl group from Los Angeles who have been rocking stages and TV stations across the country after the release of their  Ghost Busters anthem song that made it’s way to the big screen last year.

If you have not yet met these beautiful ladies then you are in for a treat. As Teachers and Music Instructors by day and over the top female glam rockers by night, No Small Children are three rockin chicks from LA that wear pretty dresses on stage and sing songs that make you feel powerful and happy to be where you are.

Their new song, “I Feel Better” is a catchy synth-driven pop-rock song that demonstrates just how talented this trio is. Within the first 2 seconds I knew I would dig the song and by a few more seconds in I was totally hooked.

I would say No Small Children has evolved but I am certain they have always been this good. I believe they were just were holding out on us waiting for the best moment to open their musical wings to show us what they were really made of.

Listen now to I Feel Better!

No Small Children is made up of :
Lisa Pimentel-vocals/guitars/trumpet/trombone/saxophones
Joanie Pimentel- vocals/bass/accordion/cello
Nicola Berlinsky- drums

Famous Quote: “Every time you share our new video link an alien gets its wings..”




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